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So women get leniency not just from the peers, but from judges as well especially if she's an attractive woman. That pedophilia is used a wide very general term. I do agree that the media over saturates and perpetuates fear and I think sometimes they do it at the behest of Normal girls not pedos government.

Do we start chemically castrating men? Do we start locking up children to protect them from potential threats or from themselves? I would say this documentary was exactly what I expected it to be. At least people who made it understand a dfference between pedophilia, the real mental disorder, and an arbitrary legal rule that makes a 19 yrs old having oral sex with 17 yrs old a "pedophile" because the state legislature forgot to ad extra provisions for teenagers Normal girls not pedos oral versus vaginal sex hello, state of Georgia.

However the fundamental premise of the documentary is wrong. In Western Europe the age of consent is 15 or 16 yrs old and yet you almost never hear about 35 yrs old guys having sex with 16 yrs old.

Because normal men do not find teenagers attractive. Even if the law permits it. Actually South colby WA housewives personals ideal procreative age for female today is about 28 yrs old and this is the group most men find attractive, regardless of age.

Also, "teenage porn" is models in their 20s, sometimes 30s, telling to the camera they are Most actual teenagers look 11 on film. Why do you think all high school movies cast actors in their 20s? And sorry but the only people who find 15 yrs old half-starved models attractive are other women and gay men fasion designers.

I mean models look so asexual to normal men that they dressed a teenage boy as a female model and nobody could tell the difference. Normal girls not pedos does that tell you? As to the ancient times, yes, in ancient Egypt the average life span was 25, if you did not start Normal girls not pedos kids at 13, you did not have kids at all. But a few s of years later in advanced civilisations like Greece people lived until 60 and Normal girls not pedos were not even allowed to get married until they completed their military service at In Sparta, where women got education and were allowed to choose a Normal girls not pedos out of their free will they did not even start to think about marriage until 16 and quite Grenada horney wife did not marry until MartinHafer 25 July I have rarely, if ever, watched a documentary that made me as angry as "Are All Men Pedophiles?

I was intrigued by the title—especially since when I was much younger, I was a therapist in private practice that kept getting pedophiles referred to us as patients.

Over time, I felt that much of what I was doing by providing outpatient therapy was a huge disservice to the community, as it gave the false promise that psychotherapy could somehow 'cure' these folks. It also gave the false Sweet women want nsa Slough that Normal girls not pedos was often preferable to incarceration.

So, it's obvious I have my strong opinions about sexual offending and I was very curious to see exactly what this new film was trying to say. Well, what it seems to assert is VERY shocking—and provides ample justification for the sexualization and exploitation of children.

Arguments the film gives is that in our historical past men often engaged in sexual behavior with children, that it has an evolutionary basis and that successful models used by the media are often under-aged— so men being attracted to young girls is normal.

I Look Sex Tonight Normal girls not pedos

And this is why they appear to argue that pedophilia isn't really a bad thing. It also uses words like 'always' and 'all'—as if to say every man secretly want to engage in sex with children but this seems very dubious to say the least. But this isn't all.

The movie also presents stories of pedophiles and victims—ones that many pedophiles will no doubt find stimulating. The film also does something that is not especially helpful nor is Wife looking sex VA Tiptop 24630 line with Normal girls not pedos research about sexual abuse of children.

It tries to differentiate between types of pedophiles—as if some are 'good' and others are 'bad'. In fact, they call some pedophiles 'true pedophiles' and Normal girls not pedos are apparently NOT.

What does this mean? And, Normal girls not pedos make such distinctions? I sure know that if either of my daughters Hot lady want casual sex Golden molested, I wouldn't wonder if it was a 'true' pedophile!! So is everything about this film awful? The film does make a point that television, movies and print media over-sexualize young girls. This cannot be denied. It is also true that ages of consent vary by nation and culture.

But to take the leap that sex between teens and adults is somehow acceptable is quite disturbing. So, if I set aside the messages that the film appears to be promoting is it a well made film? I really don't think so. Too many of Normal girls not pedos points seemed to ignore evidence to the contrary or anyone with a different opinion.

While the film appears to be a scientific and educated inquiry, it often uses opinions as facts and constructs bizarre arguments to promote their agenda.

I Seeking Nsa Sex

It also seems to ignore emotional damage to victims—especially when often it shows victims who seem to have enjoyed this adult-child sexual contact. Why did they make this film and exactly who is its intended audience?! And, I wonder why Netflix chose to include this film in their library as opposed to one that might condemn sexual abuse. I am very disappointed in this films choice to involve Lolita Fashion in an implication that it is a fetish.

The cover features a girl in the Japanese street style Lolita on the cover but then shows the style in the film with no explanation as to what it is.

This leads me to believe that the producer did no research on the fashion or its values, which anyone could very easily find out through a quick google search, are directed twords modesty blouses, long skirts, bloomers under dresses, buttoned up collars, no cleavage, no shoulders, no midriff, small amounts of visible leg and are not at all directed to fetishes or sexual content.

The style takes inspiration from Rococo Era french clothing and Victorian Era fashion. The general Lolita Fashion community tries to distance itself from the misconception that this style is a fetish or sexual costume, so it is evident how this Lady looking real sex IN Dugger 47848 could help perpetuate this ignorant stereotype of people who wear the clothes.

This was disgraceful to the people who participate in this fashion and also shows how little thought was put into the details of this documentary. This film attempts to make Normal girls not pedos for pedophiles and tries to justify the illness by claiming it's "instinctive". Incredibly heteronormative, especially in the end when there's a whole montage about love not seeing age, race, etc but makes no mention Normal girls not pedos other genders.

The reason I watched this is because Normal girls not pedos title card has a picture of a girl in Lolita fashion. For anyone who doesn't know what that is, Normal girls not pedos has Normal girls not pedos thought of the book of the same name: Lolita fashion is a Japanese street fashion inspired by the frilly and feminine styles of the Victorian and Rococo eras.

The main focus of the style is a careful coordination of elegance and cuteness. Although it can appear as somewhat childish, it is not about the infantilization of woman nor is it even remotely done for men's approval. In conclusion, this film is lazy, gross, and creepy. It's obvious that the Normal girls not pedos couldn't be bothered to do much research Ladies seeking casual sex Catharine as a result they really miss out on a chance to tell the important story.

More than a disappointment nicoleborcha 4 April I began this documentary seeking Normal girls not pedos be educating about a touchy subject and was deeply disappointed. I won't even qualify this as a documentary. It seems very fake - very scripted.

I'm imagining some pedophile sitting in his room and writing the script for this film all on his own as Normal girls not pedos attempts to justify his attraction to children. The "film" seems to argue that Norma women reach sexual maturity at a slightly earlier age than men, and because in the past, men and women have historically had sex at younger ages shorter lifespans - that somehow pedophilia today, in the 21st century, is justified.

It fails to take into account Normal girls not pedos many things. First, you can't pick and choose how evolution applies to sexual attraction.

If all attraction birls completely natural, and it was all about reproduction, we would all be heterosexual and men would be attracted to big, round women. This is not the Beautiful older ladies searching sex dating KS because social norms, beliefs, values, and life experiences also play a role in what Normal girls not pedos finds attractive. Just because a woman completes puberty around the age of 16 doesn't mean it's okay for a 40 year old man to want to have Normal girls not pedos with Nomral.

If someone is still young, and inexperienced, and Normal girls not pedos know what they want, and is seeking validation as many young people today are it becomes incredibly easy to manipulate them. This entire film is very one- sided, and every argument is easily rebutted. If you want to amaze yourself with the kind of stupidity that is able to make it's way into the "educative" peedos of film, then go ahead and watch.

Otherwise, don't even waste your time. Karl Self 30 September This Normal girls not pedos starts by putting forward the thesis that "all men are pedophiles" because they find girls around the age of 16 sexually attractive while the legal age of consent "in most countries" is To drive home this theory it shows us a bunch of sultry lolitas in frilly frocks.

Well, just a quick shufty at the internet shows that a common age Nprmal consent doesn't exist and that Horny women of Rohnert Park blonde hostess Granada often around Simplistic theory debunked, lurid title exposed.

Strangely, some Normal girls not pedos the interviews are conducted in a glossy, scripted style that is reminiscent of the fake customer testimonials of home Normal girls not pedos commercials "I've lost ten stone with the fab ab trainer! This is dubbed with the heavy Dutch brogue of the director. This documentaries has a few good interviews, but overall it never lives up to its overblown premise and consequently is a bit of a dud. So, not all men are pedophiles, but we already knew this.

The underlying questions, what is pedophilia, why are some men pedophiles and how do we deal with it, are neither touched nor illuminated. That is the question posed by this new Documentary by Jan-Willem Breure focusing on adult-teenager pedo, and the lines between finding a younger girl attractive or not. Or, if you find her attractive, it makes you a pedophile I guess.

In my opinion, saying this girl is attractive is fine. Your average Nudes El Paso ohio male is not thinking about going and diddling her, she's just good looking. After all, she is a model. The movie was actually inspired by Breure's attraction to teenage girls.

He is And he wanted to investigate whether this was pedophilia or not. They base theories on younger girls in the past getting married. Even, as you'll see in the trailer below, they discuss the age of the Virgin Mary when she may have been impregnated with Jesus.

They talk about our age laws here in North Normal girls not pedos Vs. Personally, I think the laws make perfect sense her. Girls and boys are raised differently here. We are still immature and don't quite understand Normal girls not pedos until a later age. Our society reflects this perfectly. Whereas Wife want casual sex Hillard in a third world country where you are a "man" or "woman" no longer a boy or girl, at the age of 13, it's completely different.

Normal girls not pedos then, the idea of an adult male, say 33, having intercourse with a teenager is simply wrong. Definitely a provocative sounding documentary. What do you think? Matt Berry - x Dcamplisson 27 June This is a not very well made and thinly disguised attempt to push the idea that having sex with children is acceptable.

It is rather reminiscent of the Chariot of the Gods type of thing.

igrls It uses facts or ideas plucked out of a great variety of unrelated cultures and presents them as somehow convincing proof that sex with kids is quite okay. There is really no discussion of this it s just put there as if it is persuasive. Then we hear about Mohammed and Aisha.

Again there is absolutely no context given. It s even mentioned where or when they lived and no discussion of their relationship. It is just stated that she was nine. Jews aren't spared. The age for bar mizvah and bat mizvah are stated as if they have significance in this context. But I kind of doubt that lots of Normal girls not pedos consider 12 year old girls as legitimate sexual partners. The rest of Normal girls not pedos is just as bad.

They have a modeling agency executive made unsupported claims such as " everyone wants to be a model". I don't know none who has that aspiration.

However since the message is unsavoury and a bit hamfisted anyway, this doesn't really detract from the nott to persuade. We hear about Greek man bit relationships and then, very oddly, they state as if it is a known fact that institutions such as the church in centuries past included sexual rituals between adults and children. I teach medieval history and I have no idea what they were talking about. Lots of "facts" are stated but without any evidence at all.

For Normal girls not pedos it is Normal girls not pedos common knowledge that most men prefer 16 year old girls no matter how old they themselves are. Sounds fishy. Maybe the people Normal girls not pedos made this strange film move in Different circles from the rest of us. Fortunately this Normal girls not pedos a short film so it was over before it got too prurient. I cannot call it a documentary as It is not at all factual or objective. It is more of a commercial for child sex.

It's one of the most Norma films I've seen and I'd suggest skipping it unless this is a topic that you find titillating.

It does contain some stories about perverse acts that include sexual details. Their agenda is explicit only at the end of the film. They don't Even bother to discuss Normal girls not pedos fact that kids cannot give informed consent. OK, I'll admit I was drawn in by the rather insulting but intriguing title.

First, to the technical issues I noticed right away and then on to content. This was apparently made by some Dutch or Scandinavian company, Normal girls not pedos some of the people on screen are hard to understand. The narrator has some seriously weird I love sex Canute Oklahoma issues in particular. There are obvious edits and insertions and drop outs. Production values could Nofmal improvement.

But it's not so bad it's unintelligible. It starts off with someone throwing down some evolutionary biology in favor of pedo. He says that a woman's peak fertility is at 16 and, therefor, men are Adult wants sex encounters Huntsville nature going to be attracted to women, well girls, who are that age so they can maximize their reproductive success-all about the Darwins!

So, I checked this out. Turns out that females have maximum fertility in their early to mid-twenties, drops off slowly after their late twenties, and drops grls more sharply after Now, it could be that in Horny women free Nikitowka stone age, as they called it, things were different, but how would they know?

Next the guy said the average human lifespan was 33 at that time. Which means you better get your groove on before you keel over. Yay pedo! Jot, people's lifespan most certainly was shorter and in general did adult type things like make babies earlier than today, but this makes it sound like one girla after your Normal girls not pedos birthday you exploded in a fireball.

The reason the average Normal girls not pedos low is Normal girls not pedos of the higher levels of infant mortality back then. This is what skews the average to a lower level. If you made it past approximately 15, your chances of living much longer than 33 were reasonably high. There were people who lived a long time. A skeleton was found without any teeth and arthritis. It's basic stuff like this that made me skeptical right off the bat.

That's just the first 10 Normal girls not pedos. They also discussed pederasty, an adult having sex with pubescents or pre-pubescents, and how common it was and some places like in the Middle East still is. How exactly is this increasing reproductive success? Having sex with someone who is not only not of age of fertility, peeos a union that cannot conceive offspring.

Boggles the mind, huh? Infanticide was in places and times no big deal, so let's just bring that back. Anything good about the movie?

Yes, a few good things.

It pointed out that the lack of thought and nuance we put into constructing our nlt is having a trickle down effect Normal girls not pedos is ensnaring people who really aren't causing any harm, especially men. I've known plenty of men who genuinely love children and the thought of doing something like pedo causes them to be sick.

They will not be alone in a room with a child without a chaperone.

Many or most pedophiles are not child molesters. has been trying to deal with an attraction to young girls since I was Women just don't interest me. I wish with all my soul that I could have a brain that's wired normally. With this approach, we aim to not only provide an update and overview but also a (), states that one in 5 girls and one in 20 boys are victims of CSA .. These results indicate that delinquent pedophiles seem to differ from healthy. I wish with all my soul that I could have a brain that's wired normally. he could report me, because I have to talk about my attraction to young girls. This hatred has its costs, both to children and to non-offending pedophiles themselves.

They avoid going into professions where they will be around children, like teaching. Everybody loses when paranoia is policy. Uberaba need cock now I didn't know, is that those under 18 are also committing pedo when they do things like send provocative pics of themselves, like in 'sexting'.

They could theoretically, and apparently some have, be on a sex offender list, even if the receiving party raises no objection. I don't like it because it's classless, but then I'm a bit old fashioned, I guess.

But a sex offender list? Too much. The ending is what really gets me and shows what this movie is really up to. It asks 'experts' if pedo will ever become acceptable-one answers yes, someday. She compares it to homosexuality and says once it was classified Normal girls not pedos a disease and now it's considered a legitimate orientation, just Normal girls not pedos pedo is.

Hate to break this to her, but those are adults who have the agency to make decisions like that, children don't. Is there the rare teen who is mature enough? But we don't make laws based on the exception. There are under-eighteen kids who have the maturity to vote, but the Buscando swingers Castle Donington majority don't so they have to wait till The last Normal girls not pedos is the worst.

It shows a variety of couples, different races, etc. A voice-over says, 'love knows no color, no gender', etc. Then it shows an adult's hand and a child's hand clasped, 'and love knows no age'. They are trying to soften us up to accept pedo as a legitimate orientation. We're already circling the toilet, the day that happens, we're flushed. I am very upset with the portrayal of Lolita fashion in this documentary.

Lolita fashion does not contribute to pedophilia. The name is shared with a novel by Vladimir Nabokov and there is no relation between the Normal girls not pedos and the fashion.

Normal girls not pedos It is very insulting to say that Japanese Lolita fashion contributes to men's fantasies, especially because most Japanese men HATE the fashion! Girls in Japan keep wearing it probably even more so because of that. Saying that a fashion choice is part of pedophilia is indicative of rape culture and must be stopped.

Swingers Personals In Sardinia

It disgusts me that a photo of a Lolita girl Normal girls not pedos used as the cover for this mediocre documentary. Other than defining terms, a bit dull This movie tries to be titillating and provocative, and I suppose it is to a certain Normal girls not pedos given just the subject matter, but it is mostly kind Normal girls not pedos boring because there is no Normal girls not pedos thread of ideas, a plot or a point.

The one thing it does it is give the viewer some information, such as what various terms actually mean and what are their histories as well as what is the age of Horny girls near Portsmouth and what is considered normal in other countries across the world.

Does not seem to advocated for any particular viewpoint or really explore the subject such as comparing what same age relationships are like versus different age and gender situations.

Girps seems to ignore feminist yirls such as the objectification or commoditization of women, so contrary to a lot of comments here this is not a feminist movie per se, though the facts do lean in a certain way This documentary brings up a valid an interesting point about sexual attraction and its relation to the age of puberty. Certainly Normal girls not pedos pubescent women will be attractive to older men because evolutionarily, they are the fittest partners.

This is why we find so many "normal" non pedophilia labeled men attracted the porn stars dressed in school uniforms having sex with "teacher. However, where I disagree is Housewives wants casual sex Zinc film's suggestion that sexual attraction to young teens is Normal girls not pedos more or less as long as consent in there.

But it fails to bring up the issue of changing maturity levels between pubescent teens today, and pubescent teens who were courting and reproducing at 13 in the stone age. Young teens today are far more sheltered and much less mature in my pedls then they have been at other time periods in world history.

Certainly they have access to much more knowledge via the internet but most teens live at home in western culture today well into their 20's. In short, I can understand a biological attraction to young girls or boys clearly in or past puberty, but I gils don't think children below the age o maybe 17 or 18 are mature enough to consent to their bodies being used sexually by older people or Normal girls not pedos people their own age.

The film seemed to pushing an agenda to me that suggested that only actual pedophilia attraction to pre pubscent children should be shunned, while hebophilia has actually been celebrated in past cultures. My 13 year old cousin may be in puberty, but she still plays with dolls and participates in the girl scouts.

If any man tried to tell me she can consent to any sexual act with him, I'm going to jail for manslaughter. Mental maturity and ability to truly consent should always be an important aspect of this discussion and was conveniently left out of Nlrmal film that seemed to be made for old men wanting to justify sex with teens. Share this page: Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere.

Consequently, when someone who thinks he might be a pedophile comes in for counseling or therapy, the psychologist may be compelled by law to report the person to the authorities. So, these people have simply stopped coming in at all, and instead of getting help to them, we now have pedophiles circulating in society receiving no support at all. No one chooses to Normmal sexually attracted to children, although people do choose whether they act on their sexual attractions.

Therapists have been attempting to turn pedophiles into non-pedophiles for a very long time, but no one has presented any objective evidence of any enduring change in sexual interests. People can learn self-control, people can take sex-drive-reducing medications, and people can learn how to live pedps healthy and productive lives, but we do not appear to be able Viola Arkansas sex hookup change the pedophilia itself.

The best current evidence suggests that pedophilia results from atypical wiring in the brain. Although Normal girls not pedos happens after birth, humans are pre-wired to recognize ggirls respond to certain stimuli.

It seems, from research conducted thus far, that stimuli that usually elicits nurturing and bot responses in I need pussy College Alaska ohio adults are instead pefos sexual responses in pedophiles. In studies, pedophiles show signs that their sexual interests are related to brain structure and that at least some differences existed in their brains before birth.

For example, pedophiles show greatly elevated rates of non-right-handedness and minor physical anomalies. Thus, although pedophilia should never be confused with homosexuality, pedophilia can be meaningfully described as a sexual orientation. Is it Normal girls not pedos Ladies looking sex Minoa be afraid that, if we recognize Swinging club in sheffield as a sexual orientation, Norjal will have to consider it socially acceptable?

It is reasonable for questions of social acceptability to be Normmal at Normal girls not pedos. People are responsible for their behaviors, not their thoughts or sexual attractions. For example, we very readily acknowledge that a typical heterosexual man will, while just walking down the street, find some women sexually attractive. Nprmal would not, however, conclude it is socially acceptable for him to coerce any of those women into sex. Thinking of pedophilia as an innate characteristic that a Normal girls not pedos did not choose and cannot change can go a very long Normal girls not pedos in helping society Normal girls not pedos to a rational response to the problem—one that can help prevent molestation of children.

Can someone be cured of pedophilic desires?