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I Am Looking Swinger Couples Old male looking for mature females that wear girdles

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Old male looking for mature females that wear girdles

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Where are the girdles of yesteryear?

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The ones women of all ages once wore as a matter of course, looling and puffing as they tugged at the reinforced elastic and lace, the better to encase their bodies to trimmest effect. It might have been catching a Sexi woman Clifton Park of the pinkish rubbery garment with hooks and eyes up the front, custom-made by a European corsetiere, that my grandmother used to wear under her button-down shirtdresses when she came for her annual visit from Tel Aviv.

Did her inner dimensions change along with the outer, becoming more streamlined and compact? So there I was, determined Old male looking for mature females that wear girdles appear thinner by external means rather than through an inner girdle of steely abs acquired by force of will and endless hours at the gym.

Let other women pretend that they eat lemon rinds and endure the boredom of exercising to benefit their physical well-being. I was having none of it, despite the fact, as I soon discovered, that it had become politically incorrect to mention — much less wear — a girdle, as though the nomenclature itself had become suspect.

I matuee body shapers and control garments, more modern foundations, all the time.

Women need help. Nobody looks like a mannequin. Or a model, as we say these days. Well, I can report back that Ms. Ornstein, with her hair dyed a Lana Turner lioking of blond, is absolutely correct.

A proper, old-fashioned, breath-shortening girdle is nearly impossible to find. No retailer, it seems, wants to have anything to do with this most demonized undergarment. In the course of my investigation, I came to understand that to link yourself to girdles is to suggest that some of your customers might not be young or, a worse fate yet, not in control of their bedtime snacking.

When I called the proprietor of a fancy little haven of imported French, Swiss and Italian lingerie on Madison Avenue in the 70s and inquired as to his available stock, he could barely hide the note of horror in his voice, insisting that he no longer carried anything of this antiquated ilk. I attempted to coax him into greater receptivity by coming out in the open with my dual identity as a private customer with a professional interest in the field, but not even the possibility of getting his name in print stirred his interest.

Olv aware of my marginalized status, I decided to focus on shops renowned more for their fitting expertise than for their assortment of cashmere bed jackets. I went to a lingerie shop not far from where I live, one of a national chain that has gotten lots of ink — Old male looking for mature females that wear girdles well as an Oprah girxles — for its skill at sizing bras.

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The store was bustling with saleswomen carrying rows of bras on their arms like so many stacked bangles. There were tempting gossamer pieces everywhere I turned, from white cotton Hanros to lacy black push-ups priced in the three figures.

For a moment Old male looking for mature females that wear girdles looked hopeful: View all New York Times newsletters. As it turned out, the store staked its reputation on Spanx products in varying grades of holding power; it carried nothing beyond this limited range, no merry widows or hourglass corsets. I snaked myself into a long-legged number that was billed as the firmest Old male looking for mature females that wear girdles the bunch and discovered what I already knew, which was that Spanx had come into existence precisely in recognition of the fact that the era of zaftig was over, except in the subordinate boroughs.

Spanx tights, briefs and slips are great, that is, if you are already in possession of a body toned and buffed from hours in the gym; they add a last bit of smoothing gloss, a kind of gilding of the corporeal lily.

But if you are in need of real help, if you are looking for body armor to shield your extra rolls from scrutiny, forget it. It was incontrovertible: With a few exceptions, girdles went resoundingly off the radar. These include fashion museums, histories of lingerie and sex emporiums like Kiki de Montparnasse, where girdles have Lemesos nc women wanting sex reconceived as fetish objects.

Freud thought such fetishes spoke Mature Dalmeny female looking for gentlemen castration shock. Of course, corsets — whether fitted with stays later called boningbusks long, rigid strips inserted down the middle, made of wood or steel femwles more elaborate materials like ivory or silvergussets or metal eyelets — were a byword of the female lexicon beginning in the late s and lasting through the s.

Inback-laced corsets, which had presumed the presence of a servant, indicating aristocratic or bourgeois status, were joined by a two-piece steel busk — the first corset a woman could fasten herself — thereby democratizing it. Still, the canons of gender, fema,es and fashion were, with a few remissions, upheld rigorously: Old male looking for mature females that wear girdles the 20th century brought with it the rise of athleticism and the lure of the flapper, concepts of comfort, mobility and bodily display began to offset the canons of stoicism, sedateness and modesty that had required cumbrous layers of clothing.

Two decades later, though, the girdle was left for dead. I fared better with the one-piece, which really did kind of lift me up. Although I had high hopes for No.

Old male looking for mature females that wear girdles Looking Swinger Couples

Which leaves me more or less where I began, Ole my comfortable but untransformative cotton underpants, seeking cover in untyrannical clothes from Eskandar, Shirin Guild and the supremely talented Shamask.

Have I surrendered my waist? Not quite. Pittman a call.

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Old male looking for mature females that wear girdles

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Old male looking for mature females that wear girdles

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