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White men need only apply

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That's normal and probably good, given their computer problems over the past while.

White men need only apply I Look For Teen Sex

I personally mej prefer that you not forward to cisgender straight white males, since they're already in the majority. I reached out to the DNC to ask for a response and have not heard back.

I attempted to contact Ms. Leader directly, but her LinkedIn page has been taken down.

I cannot verify why or when it was taken down. This was an actual email sent to insiders within the TheDemocrats. So, here's newd thing: You can't do this.

Not legally, anyway. It's important to note that this is not DNC hiring policy, but one hiring manager gone rogue. You can say we want to have a diverse staffbut you can't single out a group that you don't wish to hire.

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Legally, how affirmative action is supposed to work is that if you have two equally qualified candidate then you can give the job to the person from the minority group. Onlu doesn't mean you don't consider straight, white males.

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People often email me and say, "we have this employee who has done A, B, and C, and we'd really like to terminate him but he's a member of a protected class. Every human on the planet is a member of a protected class.

The law doesn't protect Black people, but not White. It doesn't say, "you can't hire all White females, but you can hire all Latino males. onnly

What you cannot do is fire her because she's black, lesbian, over 40, pregnant, or an immigrant. Likewise, with hiring.

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You already know that you can't say "we're only looking for white males," so you can put together that you can't say "we're only looking for non-white candidates. The law is, everyone should be judged on their abilities.

For example, you can advertise for male models to model your White men need only apply clothing. There's no reason an IT person needs to be any particular gender, so refusing to consider male candidates, of any race, is illegal.

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WHITE MEN NEED NOT APPLY: British Fire Service Lowers (in the name of diversity) comes in, as women and minorities need only score 6. White men need not apply. That's the message from a Democratic National Committee data services manager, currently on the hunt to filll. We need to create a culture in which everyone can do their best work Such as not going to a panel where there are only white male speakers.

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